About Me

The Basics
Here are some things that describe who I am:

-American Citizen

The Project

allGeek.tv – Editor In Chief

The Story

My name is James Lenhart and I’m sure if you’ve taken the time to come to this page you probably want to get a good sense of who I am. Simply put, this site is who I am and there’s no one else like me (report counterfeits). If you like technology and have internet withdrawals we will probably get a long just fine.

My blog is an experiment and could change in an instance, but I will try to forewarn. Currently, it’s setup to pull in posts from my Google+ account and to display Tweets from my Twitter account. This allows you to watch me without even having an account on either.

The 411

Twitter: @lenhartjames
Email: jimmy@allgeek.tv
Cell: 386-562-7664

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