I switched to WordPress from Tumblr

by James Lenhart on June 28, 2011

I figured I’d go ahead and address why I decided to use WordPress after creating some content on Tumblr. First of all I hadn’t invested that much time into Tumblr, and frankly I just couldn’t get use to certain things like the inability to add plugins, or export.

We use WordPress on allGeek.tv and it has treated us very well from the beginning. There are so many developers writing plugins for WordPress — it’s amazing.

Tumblr is great if you don’t care to much about the way your content is distributed and stored — but who knows when Tumblr may decide to pull the plug and you’re left with nothing. I’ve heard that they are working on ways to export data, so my “export argument” may become irrelevant soon.

In the end it’s your choice, but know that WordPress is also backed by a large community that is possibly more focused on development than just blogging.

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Teknisyan July 13, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Welcome to WP, I was originally on Blogger.com before switching to WP. 🙂


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